People are every community's most valuable asset, and places and spaces must serve the community in ways that change lives for the better. Redefine Properties and Maponya Mall have always been committed to creating value for those who reside around their favourite shopping and hang-out location: the people of Soweto.

We partner with like-minded entities to overcome challenges and grow businesses and organisations together - to build a better future for the communities we serve. 

We have extended a hand to local non-profit organisations (NPOs) to increase and strengthen their capacity; empowering them to sustain and improve vital services to Soweto’s residents - with the care and assistance they want and deserve.

​Our HI NEIGHBOUR initiative is a pre-funded twelve-month programme to strengthen the capacity of twelve Soweto NPOs in various sectors. Ultimately, Hi Neighbour must improve the lives of individuals, families, and the community in ways that will also help to sustainably shape future generations.

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